About Woodhead Publishing

WoodheadPublishing.com was founded in 2018 by Walter and Laurie Woodhead, two Bay Area natives with over 30 years of combined experience as writers and editors.

We both fell in love with writing at early ages. Writing spurred our creativity, allowed us to understand the world around us, but most importantly, it allowed us to tell our story. Telling your story is what the writing process is all about.

Publishing was a natural career path for us, as it allowed us to help people from all areas and all backgrounds tell their own personal stories (Plus, it’s where we met!). From novels to fan fiction, personal memoirs to corporate newsletters, church bulletins to school textbooks, we have done it all, and no matter the subject or perspective, there is always a story to tell.

Over our 30 years, the most fulfilling jobs have always been working with first-time independent or self-published authors. Getting your first book published should be an experience that you never forget–and not because it was a nightmare to do!

That is why we founded WoodheadPublishing.com. We both know first-hand how difficult writing and publishing a book can be. We’ve worked with countless authors and have heard plenty of horror stories. As any writer will tell you, sitting down and writing a book is no easy task! Well, neither is publishing one. But, while publishing a book is a long process, it doesn’t always have to be a difficult one, and there are roadblocks that you can easily avoid if you know what you’re doing.

Our goal here is to help guide first-time authors through the writing and self-publication process. Advice on topics, content, editing, marketing, networking, and anything else that you might encounter during the long-and-winding road of writing and publishing your first book. Things like pitching your book, developing a social media platform, writing summaries, and tons more!

And don’t feel left out if you aren’t interested in publishing a book, either. Many of our articles focus on the craft of writing itself. If you’re looking to improve your craft, these articles are for you, whether or not you ever want to publish a book. Our copy-editing section is great for writers of any level, whether you’re a high-school or college student, a teacher, or an author.

So, don’t be a stranger! We have a lot of great resources on the site. Feel free to explore!